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Modern marketing to grow your Restaurant & Services

Restaurant and services Marketing is an effective way to showcase your unique qualities and distinguish yourself from competitors. It enables you to reach the right audience, including potential buyers and sellers who are actively seeking the services you offer, at the right time and place. Additionally, proper marketing can help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your target market.

Traditional Mexican Food

What We Offer:

 Massive Digital Billboard Ad

Restaurant & Services Ad On Huge Billboard

Ads on 3 Websites

"CNYONLINE" High Trafic Local News site and 2 other local sites 

Social Media Advertising

60+ local Facebook groups we manage & run with 250,000 Members

Premium Facebook Food Page + instagram Ad Placement event page Ads for your events

Graphic Design & Billboard Art Work Included 

Our team of talented graphic designers will create stunning artwork for your billboard and social media ads!


Digital Billboards

Will our massive billboards we can ensure people get their eyes on your ad! with some locations having a Traffic count of over 29,000 cars a day!  

Social Media Marketing

The average user spends more than two hours on social media every day. More and more social media users are looking for local businesses and brands right on the platforms.

Social media marketing helps you build a strong social presence, ensuring that you’re part of the conversation.

By Having YOUR ads exclusively in our groups and pages you ensure you have an edge over your local competition! We tailor your ads to specific location-based groups where you would like to be advertised!

Financial Report

Exclusive Website Ads

By advertising with us, you can place your ad on our high-traffic websites and news site, CNYONLINE. Our average monthly traffic is 20,000 visits, with each visitor spending an average of 5 minutes on our news site. This means that your ad will be visible to the audience for an extended period of time while they read the news.

​Graphic Design & Billboard Art Work 

Our team of talented graphic designers will create stunning artwork for your billboard and social media ads!

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